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2020「遙距營商計劃」(D-Biz) by The Innovation and Technology Bureau of HKSAR

April 20, 2020

On April 19, 2020, the Innovation and Technology Bureau of Hong Kong announced an upcoming fund under the Anti-Epidemic Fund called 遙距營商計劃 (D-Biz). We have summarized some preliminary details below. Applications will be open in May 2020, stay tuned for more updates.

What is「遙距營商計劃」 D-Biz?

A new fund under the second round of Anti-epidemic Fund totalling in 500 Million Hong Kong Dollars lasting for 6 months from the day of launch.

Purpose of 「遙距營商計劃」D-Biz

To help companies develop and expand digital presence and business operations to create new opportunities and overcome the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Application highlights

  • For Companies (not including listed companies, statutory bodies and subsidized non-governmental organizations)
  • $100,000 limit for each proposed plan, maximum $300,000 in total per company
  • Open for registration in May 2020
  • Fund approvals and disbursment within 10 working days if all necessary information and documents are provide

How can companies use the fund:

The fund is applicable for facilitating automating and streamlining back-of-house company operations and training of employees.

1. Set-up or Enhancing Online Presence and Sales Capabilities

  • Building an online sales platform (website/ app) E.g. Delivery ordering website
  • Set-up of electronic payment systems E.g. Stripe, Alipay, Paypal
  • Enhance the user experience of current online platforms
  • Strengthening e-marketing strategies
  • Strengthening cybersecurity of current systems

2. Facilitating back-of-house company operations

  • Upgrade and automation of operation E.g. Smart admin panel
  • Purchase cloud service for remote document management E.g. Google G-Suite, Dropbox
  • Purchase team collaboration tools for remote team management E.g. Confluence
  • Purchase of virtual meeting tools for remote team/customers communication E.g. Zoom, Google hangouts, WebEx

3. Support for Continuing Education and Training

  • Training for how to manage and operate an e-commerce business
  • Training for how to utilize e-commerce marketing tools
  • Training for how to utilize remote team management tools


二零二零年四月十九日,創新及科技局局長楊偉雄發表網誌,宣佈在第二輪防疫抗疫基金下,推出為期6個月,合共5億元「遙距營商計劃 D-Biz」,資助企業拓展遙距業務。我們為你總結了以下重點:







1. 設立/優化公司的線上銷售表現

  • 創建網上銷售平台,例如:網上教學平台,外賣應用程式
  • 設置網上電子支付,例如:Stripe、Alipay、Paypal
  • 優化現有網站及應用程式的用戶體驗
  • 加強網上市場營銷策略
  • 加強現有網上系統的安全性

2. 提升辦公室營運效率

  • 自動化營運模式,例如:創建智能管理平台
  • 購買方便在家工作的遙距文件管理系統,例如:Google G-Suite、Dropbox
  • 購買遙距團隊管理軟件,例如:Confluence
  • 購買適用於員工或客戶溝通的網上會議軟件,例如: Zoom, Google hangouts, WebEx

3. 支援員工培訓及進修

  • 網店營運的相關培訓
  • 網上營銷策略培訓
  • 管理軟件的相關培訓

We hope we've been helpful in interpreting some of the public information in helping out our community in troubled times.

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