Innovation Training

Our constant mission is to ensure the design of the system could achieve the goal of the project and more importantly, to provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

Corporate Innovation Training

We provide trainings to companies, educating their colleagues on how to apply the Design Sprint on problem solving. Participants will get to understand what a “Design Sprint” is and practice it using some mock examples.

The length and content of trainings varies according to client’s requirements. But the main purpose would be empowering colleagues with the skills of:

Understand the Problem

Identifying the most Critical Problem

Solutions Ideation

Solution Prototyping

Design Thinking

We noticed the way how designers think have gone beyond the art department and the creative team into a competitive advantage among today's businesses.

Design thinking helps businesses better identify, understand, and address problems that cause grief to customers. Therefore, it is crucial for different team members, especially decision makers to learn and apply design thinking strategy on work.

Problem Framing

Not every problem is as simple as ABC, sometimes we just don't know where to start. Problem framing is an important skill as it tells us the starting point and allows you to dive deeper into the problem, identifying and prioritizing the most critical apects of the problem.

We educate our clients to align as a team through problem framing workshops to arrive a consensual direction before brainstorming any possible solutions.

Strategy and Consulting

Our team members faciliating or participating in any of the training sections, can see the problem in a more objective way as a third party.

Most of the times, we are not only helping to summarise the key findings obtained from the workshops, but also giving recommendations in our perspective as an observer. Many of clients appreciate our advices and feedback us that it really provide great insights into what they can improve.