Our Services in Business Operations
Intelligent Automation

We apply Intelligent Automation (IA) when customising operation systems for our customers, marrying artificial intelligence (including natural language processing, machine learning, and machine vision) with automation.

With the use of IA, business processes can be streamline and complex decisions can be made faster. We have built many systems for our client to presents personalized content to customers through adoption of IA.

CRM Integrations

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a core system for every business. However, it is often detached from other administration systems, casusing inconvenience in decision making.

We are capable to integrate clients' CRM software and other third-party applications to a new consolidated platform for better mangement. As a result, decision makers can access to relevant data seamlessly.

Admin Panel
Not only do we help in ideating what your customers need and how they should use your digital product, but also building collaborative, and functional admin panels to streamline back-of-house operations for our clients.

Therefore, administrators have the ability to record and trace how transactions are taking place and what type of actions customers are engaging in. At the same time, business owners can oversee the performance of the product with their designated KPIs.
Real-time Operational Statistics

We understand that KPIs vary among different industries, and companies would like to have a consolidated dashboard to view all real-time relevant insights. In view of this, we also help our clients set up analytical tools to collect relevant data of users' interaction. For example, funnels can be set up to track the percentage of users dropped out and where they leave.

Why do you need it?
To Save Time

Design Sprint method aims to solve the most critical problems in 5-day

To Save Money

Stop investing on build an app which doesn't fit the market standards

To Know Your Users

Deeply learn from your users to figure out the main pain points

What We Bring To Our Clients?
Business Operations help our client with easier and smarter business maintenance.
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