We’re passionate about building internal tools and systems that set your teams up for success and help them build your business.

Digital Product Transformation

9 out of 10 customers will leave your product after a bad experience. User Experience (UX) should never be underestimated but unfortunately, it is often an afterthought.

But our team is different! We stand out with our unique process of answering questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas, which empower our clients to address UX concerns at the very beginning.

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Full-stack development

We are here to provide one-stop service to our clients including but not limited to software development, IT Audit, cloud and maintenance services.

We adopt the agile methodology to enable quick turnaround time for software launch by breaking down the whole development process into small goals to achieve. We work transparantly where clients can see the product coming to life in bits and pieces throughout the development process.

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Innovation Training

We also apply design thinking skills for internal problem solving. The Design Sprint actually help shorten problem solving cycle by 97%, allowing us to make faster and more accurate decisions, so we want to promote this brilliant methodology to all our clients.

We educate our clients on how to solve real-life problems and to test new ideas within a short period of time through the Design Sprint. Empowering our clients with the skills of understanding the problem, identifying the most critical problem, solutions ideation and solution prototyping.

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Business Operations

Many people think automating their business is a costly process. Indeed, labour-intensive operation costs more than you can ever imagine.

We won't let manual work drags our clients down. We streamline internal business processes for our clients to execute faster and better by a customised system/ panel which is active, easy to use, and flexible for integrations.

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