Digital Product Transformation

Our constant mission is to ensure the design of the system could achieve the goal of the project and more importantly, to provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

Customer Journey Mapping

We help our clients enhance digital customer experience through customer journey mapping. It is a process of visualising the story of customers’ experiences with the product across all touch points. The main goal of this task is to identify customer pain points, allowing the team to better optimise customer experience.

Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a five-day process to solve real-life problems and to test new ideas within a short period of time. Members from a diverse background will work together to:

1. Understand the Problem
2. Identify the most Critical Problem
3. Ideate Possible Solutions.

Our team will help to integrate the best ideas into a prototype. The solution can then be presented to real customers for testing and collecting feedback, to validate whether it is feasible or not.

Understand     〉

Ideate     〉

Decide    〉

Prototype   〉


Digital Strategy and Transformation

Generally speaking, digital strategy and transformation is to create differentiating ways of doing business using technology when expanding current market or entering new markets.

We understand that it can be different for every organization since every business is unique. We are an empathic team, good at picturing our clients' needs and pain points to provide the best solutions.

UX Audit

A UX audit is a service reviewing user experience, to find out whether clients’ current digital products can meet the exact needs of real users.

User Testing                                   〉

First, we will help clients collect users’ emotion and attitude towards the digital product through user testings.

Data Analysis                                〉

Then, the quantitative and qualitative feedback obtained will be analysed.

Reporting                              〉

Finally, a report will be delivered with all the summary of findings and corresponding recommendations for user experience improvements.

Let’s build something amazing together.