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I bought a domain for a website. Now what?

September 14, 2015

When you purchase a new domain, you need to set it up to point to your web server (where your website is hosted).

Setting up your new domain name

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it on GoDaddy, a popular domain registrar.

If you let your domain registrar (in our case GoDaddy) manage your DNS, you simply need to add an Address (A) Record to point your domain name to your web server's IP address.

For example if your web server's IP is, simply set up your A record like so:

What if your DNS is hosted on Route 53?

If you host your DNS elsewhere (e.g. AWS’s Route 53), you need to use the nameservers they (Route53) give you.


Setting up custom nameservers

Login to your GoDaddy account. Under Domains, click Manage,

Find your domain, click the dropdown arrow and then click Set Nameservers

Click Custom, then Add Nameserver


Fill in the custom nameservers


Click OK and wait up to 24-48 hours for these changes to take effect.

And this is how you set up your domain name to point to a website.

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