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Top 5 challenges as a Design Sprint facilitator

November 13, 2019

Top 5 challenges we face as a design facilitator. We know the process is hard but rest assured we have your back in the Product validation process.

Designers here at Altitude Labs adopt the Product Design Sprint to help clients verify whether the product that we’re building together has a place in the market.

1. Deviating From the Original Goal

We tell our clients that the aim of the Product Design Sprint is to build a clickable prototype, get feedback from real users, learn from them, then reiterate until we get a Minimum Viable Product that would be ready for development which successfully achieves their business goals.

Building out a full feature set would just deviate from the actually goal of discovering what a users really want see in the core functionality.

2. Feeling Unprepared

We prepare our clients with the Product Design Sprint Itinerary and Pre-work before the first day of the sprint. It is common that when it comes to sketching out ideas, clients are a little caught off guard which leaves them feeling unprepared. Rest assured this is a common feeling and in order to mitigate it, clients are free to do some research and jot down some notes before coming in.

3. Not Knowing How to Administer the User Test

After our concept sketching and ideation phase, we proceed to create a clickable prototype and the user task table. We ask that the clients identify and round up a group of their potential users prior to starting the process with us as they could provide honest feedback and observe reactions to their ideas. There are times when you want to just test not with your target users but to do it internally but we do not encourage this as it only hurts the progression and authenticity of the outcome.
If user testing is a problem, feel free to reach out, our Altitude Labs team is happy to jump in to assist.

4. Time Delays

The Product Design Sprint is an iterative process as feedback from the client is often times varied in the process. It is a process that involves two parties, the client and the facilitator (Altitude Labs). We advise all parties to be focused and be committed in the process as this will yield the best results and allow all parties to be on the same page.

5. Extension of the Product Design Sprint

On average we try to limit our Product Design Sprint exposure to about 1 week, however, some clients require more discussion and iteration before the final MVP. Be prepared to spend more time with our team to deliver user testing results and know that we have your back in the product design and validation process.

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