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How we run a Product Design Sprint

November 8, 2019

Want to launch a tech startup and build a web or mobile app prototype? Find out how we design, prototype and validate your idea in two weeks.

Our Product Design Sprint helps you quickly design, prototype and validate your idea. It is a 5 day sprint with 7 phases where our business analysts, partners, designers and engineers work with you to convert your idea into a user-tested prototype.

Why the Product Design Sprint?

It all starts with an idea, a hypothesis aiming to help make the world a better place to live in. But before you can take your idea and jump straight into development, you have to think about what the user's experience would be and see whether or not this idea will achieve product market fit. This is where the Product Design Sprint comes in.

Rather than spending months wasting time ideating, designing, and developing something that may or may not be what the market commands, the Product Design Sprint helps to prototype results in a short period of time. Large and small firms alike use this method to build and test ideas to gain valuable insight and data on the proposed product.

In short, the Product Design Sprint helps you:

  • Validate whether the product has a market fit
  • Build a clickable prototype to mimic a real world application and test it with real users
  • Only start writing code when you know why you're building what you're building

The Product Design Sprint prevents bad situations where you:

  • Sink money and time building a full application with a lot of features without first validating the idea
  • Finding out that you're building a product nobody wants

At the end of the Product Design Sprint, your idea will be fleshed out into a clickable prototype. More importantly, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether your idea is headed in the right direction or if you should take a step back and rethink, iterate and test again.

How do we run a Product Design Sprint?

Our Product Design Sprint is a two-week sprint with 7 stages. It starts with design thinking and ends with a user-tested clickable prototype.

The 7 stages in our product design sprint are laid out below:

Stage 1: Understand

Our Product Design Sprint uses a methodology called design thinking, which is used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients

Design thinking draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be—and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user.

The first step to solving a complex problem is to have everyone on the team Understand the goals, problem, market and existing solutions.

Stage 2: Diverge

After the team understands the problem, the next step is to draw upon our creative juices to brainstorm and explore desirable solutions in a process called Diverge.

Stage 3: Converge

Armed with a multitude of possible solutions from Diverge, it is time to Converge by sifting through solutions and identifying winning ones.

Stage 4: Operation

With the blueprint of a desirable solution from Converge, Operation is where the team irons out the operational kinks and identifies what administrative features will be required to support the ongoing operations of the app.

Stage 5: Prototype

We now have what we need to Prototype your app. Our team will create clickable prototypes based on the discussions, sketches and wireframes in previous stages.

Stage 6: Test

We then Test the prototype with real users to get feedback about whether it solves a pain point they have, where it works and where it can be improved. User feedback helps us understand if the idea and proposed solution has legs.

Stage 7: Iterate

Finally, we consolidate user testing feedback, prioritize feedback results and changes and Iterate over the clickable prototype.


At the end of the Product Design Sprint, you'll leave not only with a prototype that you can show to potential investors and users, but also a stronger conviction on how to take your idea forward.

Here is what one of our Product Design Sprint clients Ross Yip had to say about the experience:

We had a big idea when we went to see Altitude Labs and through the Product Design Sprint process they helped us map it with clear and concise logic, by the end of it, our idea felt far more reachable.

If you would like to work with us to run a Product Design Sprint to turn your idea into reality, feel free to contact us.

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