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Perform competitive analysis and preference testing through a UX Audit
UX Audit
Real-time Statistics

As The Dairy Farm Group prepares for the launch of their loyalty program, they back-tracked their steps in wanting to do a full competitive analysis in the market as well as preference and usability tests pre-launch.

We built our results around quantitative and quality analysis and helped Dairy Farm gain great insights into what they are doing well and what can be improved. We were tasked with achieving these objectives.

The Solution

1-on-1 in-depth Design Test Interview 

We interviewed 20 active loyalty program users for quantitative and qualitative feedback. Testers were instructed to go through different sections of the app, expressing their impression on the layout and illustrations.

Side-by-Side UI Scores Comparison

During the design test, testers are also asked to give a numerical rating on different design and choose between design variations. At the end, we help Dairy Farm identify what are doing well and what can be improve by comparing the scores.

"The report reads very well, is visually impressive and I think provides some great insights into what we can improve and where we fare well."
Mark Sage, Chief Operation Officer, Dairy Farm Group